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Time flies and it's that time of year again. In fact I nearly missed the first act but just caught it in time.

Michael Edwards's Photo Competition is off again and the first club has already been exhibiting during the month of June. Full marks to Michael and Dermot for taking on the burden of another year's competition and to Donaghmede Shopping Centre for donating the exhibition space.

The theme this year is OUR TOWN and the idea is to illustrate what makes where we are from special. I think expectations are for the positive rather than the negative


As usual, I intend dropping in each month and, without prejudice to what the judge may eventually decide, bring you a few photos from the current club which appealed to me for one reason or another.

The shot above is of the remains of the old Roman Catholic church and graveyard in the centre of Raheny village. It is taken from an unusual angle and the mixture of flash and natural lighting gives it an eerie air. I even thought for a moment that I could see gravestones.

You might think the choice of subject here a bit pedestrian but just try and imagine Raheny without Macari's chipper.

The clouds and the cyclists give context and interest to a piece of street sculpture that often looks bereft just sitting there in an open space.

The iconic Dublin chimneys set the context and the Bull Wall, now more frequently referred to as the wooden bridge, reassures us that we are on the Northside. The reflection of the golden clouds in the foreground warms it up nicely.

Again the chimneys with some very nice light and shade.

Finally, the end of the line as old meets new in Howth.

The timetable for the competition is shown below. As I understand it entries for the public, as distinct from the club, section need to be in by early October.

Club Date
Raheny 3rd June
St. Benedict’s 1st July
Howth 29th July
Sutton 26th August
Swords Viewfinders 23rd Sept
Club Finalists on Display
& Public Entrants
21st October
Winners' Presentation
and Reception
9th November


Again this month the chimneys are prominent. It just goes to show that, however unaesthetic they may be in real life, Dublin has taken them to its bosom and they are now part of us.

Photos from the general Clontarf area should not be surprising but there are also some from town. The Ha'penny Bridge is always a magnet for photographers and when you get the right lighting it can be a bit surreal.

This offers an alternative to the 200 year old bridge - a modern perspective of an area where the old is giving way to the new, with the view itself taken from what I assume is the top of Dublin's first skyscraper.

I don't want to overdo the black and white but there is a fair amount of it in this month's exhibition and that it always welcome.

An unusual and slightly ominous perspective on Ireland's Eye with just two hints of warmth in the lighthouse and the sunset.

Finishing up in Howth in the boatyard on the West Pier. Almost like a graveyard but probably just intensive care or even an annual makeover.

As usual, Benedict's have lots more stunning work on show and it is well worth a visit.


I would just add a general qualification/apology to any of the photographers who may be looking at their own photos on this post. There may be slight variations in lighting and perspective from the originals as I photographed the exhibits on the wall under the prevailing lighting and in some cases had to do a little post-processing to get back as near to the original as possible.

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